Nyekweri Kimintet Community Forest Conservation Trust

About Us

Nyekweri Kimintet Forest Conservation Trust is a charitable non-governmental organization started in 2004 by the then Chairman,Mr.Peter Tompoy with an aim of protecting the neighboring nyekweri forest a remnant of the Congolese equatorial forest from illegal logging & deforestation. This forest serves as a water catchment area for Mogor River which traverses to divide Kimintet & Oloirien group ranches. It became fully registered as a trust in December 2021.

It is located in Kimintet Ward, Trans-Mara West subcounty,Narok,Kenya.The conservancy headquarter is situated at Saparingo with GPS coordinates 112’48.7”S 3500’00.2”E.

Our Objectives

  • To address unemployment issue for the youths
  • To conserve nyekweri forest which is a maternity-breeding grounds for elephants and a water catchment area for Mogor river, this river serves both Oloirien & Kimintet group ranches.
  • To prevent selling of lands for posterity.
  • To co-exist together with wildlife from our lands without migrating to other places and reap benefits from wildlife.

Our Partners