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Nyekweri Kimintet Forest Conservation Trust is a charitable non-governmental organization started in 2004 by the then Chairman,Mr.Peter Tompoy with an aim of protecting the neighboring nyekweri forest a remnant of the Congolese equatorial forest from illegal logging & deforestation. This forest serves as a water catchment area for Mogor River which traverses to divide Kimintet & Oloirien group ranches. It became fully registered as a trust in December 2021.

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It is located in Kimintet Ward, Trans-Mara West subcounty,Narok,Kenya.The conservancy headquarter is situated at Saparingo with GPS coordinates 112’48.7”S 3500’00.2”E.It comprises of 23 landowners/members with at least 60 households and it covers an area of about 4903 acres of land.

The conservancy consists of a 5 board of trustees led by the chairman, secretary, treasurer and two other members. It also comprises of a 13 member committee overseeing the activities of the trusts as well as implementations. The trust also have a Community Liaison Officer for linking the trust with other governmental and non-governmental Development organisations.It consists of 11 conservancy rangers dispersed in 4 outposts within the trust.

It receives rainfall of about 1400mm annually and temperature ranges between 12-25C.

The process of leasing is ongoing between landowners and with One Mara Carbon Project to lease lands.

The Conservancy was formed on the following basis:
  • To address unemployment issue for the youths
  • To conserve nyekweri forest which is an elephant maternity-breeding grounds for elephants and a water catchment area for Mogor river, this river serves both Oloirien & Kimintet group ranches.
  • To secure lands from selling/prevent selling of lands for posterity.
  • For our students to benefit from scholarships from potential donors.
  • To co-exist together with wildlife from our lands without migrating to other places and reap benefits from wildlife.
  • The fact that we are adjacent to conservation areas such as Maasai Mara game reserve and Mara Triangle  there is no other potential land use except Conservation as this our parcels are wildlife corridors to Nyekweri forest and back to Maasai Mara game reserve. Such animals include elephants, giraffes.
  • Motivation from bench markings trips & trainings from World Wide Fund for Nature to established conservation areas like Samburu, Amboseli & Mt.Kenya motivated the members to start a conservancy. This was facilitated further by Mr.Tompoy who is the current chairman donating 2 acres of land for the same.
    The 23 members/Landowners, their parcels are so close to each other near nyekweri forest in Kimintet ward thus name “Nyekweri Kimintet”.
  • These landowners are in good terms and thus the need to come together to form a conservancy.
  • They agreed to share benefits accrued in equal measures for the 23 members.